North Maple Road cover design complete!

The final edits to the album are still in progress, but at least the cover design is finalized! In this video, I discuss some of the regional roots of my music, the images I'm trying to convey and why I chose artwork by the incredibly talented Vermont printmaker, Sabra Field, to appear on the cover.

I was born in Vermont, and, although I haven't lived there in a long time, I have always felt a strong gravitational pull to my home state. When it was time to choose an illustration for the album cover, I immediately thought of Sabra's prints because they evoke in me a similar set of emotions as my music and they recall a time and place that is uniquely familiar.

I selected "Snow Moon," an image of a grove of maple trees with a bright full moon casting shadows on the snow below. My grandfather and grandmother made maple syrup in Elmore, Vermont, and I have many happy memories helping them collect and boil the sap when I was a child. This image not only captures these moments of my youth, it also projects a peaceful and calm scene, which is a hallmark of my music.

I'm deeply grateful to Sabra for agreeing to collaborate with me on this project and to George Stilabower for designing the cover. Now to finish the music!

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