Putting the final touches on North Maple Road

I just returned from two weeks in Toronto where I finally had the chance to wrap up the edits on North Maple Road. Michael Haas at Inception Sound Studios and I have been working on this project for about two years, and these past two weeks have really felt like everything is coming together. (Fortunately, my daughter was with me and was able to snap a photo of Michael and me after our final editing session - at least for this first album.)

Kurt Reiman and Michael Haas at Inception Sound Studios putting the finishing touches on "North Maple Road"

I have spent hours in this very room with Michael deciding on the optimal mic mixes, cleaning up some of the recordings, and adding EQ and reverb. Now that I have the master files, I'm working with my designer George Stilabower on packaging design options and choosing the best distributor. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to share the final results next month!

Check out this video where I discuss my journey to Inception Sound Studios in Toronto and working with Michael Haas.

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