The inspiration and motivation to compose

One of the questions I receive most often when people hear that I've recorded an album is, "where do you find the time?" Fair question. With a full-time job, a long commute and a family, it can be a tough balancing act.

I guess the answer is that I didn't really have a choice. I've been writing songs for the piano ever since I was a teenager, and new ideas keep coming into my head all the time. In the video below, I discuss the many muses that have been the source for new melodies over the years: the birth of my children, getting engaged, falling in love, the death of a loved one.

But the motivation for recording the music, and the reason I had to find the time, boiled down to the fact that I've never put any of my music down on paper. Maybe I'll transcribe the songs some day, but, for now, it feels great to have made a backup for the notes and chord changes I've carried around in my head all these years. With an ever-expanding library of songs, I wanted to have it archived. The fact that I can share it is an added benefit.

I'm so glad "North Maple Road" launched for pre-order on my birthday and that it will be officially released on September 23rd. With most of the hard work now behind me, I'm eager to spend much more time with my family and hopefully relax with them on the new hammock they gave me for my birthday!

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